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"Truly wonderful the mind of a child is."-Yoda

For the past three years, I've been on a journey as a literacy coach for my school district. A district where I've served for almost seventeen years. While on this most recent adventure, I've learned so much. I've made connections with colleagues that I never would've made had I stayed on "the island", otherwise known as my fourth grade classroom.

I've been able to work alongside teachers and students in implementing strategies and routines that will hopefully have positive impacts on achievement for years to come. Providing demonstration lessons and co-teaching were my absolute favorite parts of coaching. Watching those seemingly spontaneous a-ha moments unfold were priceless. I learned to like facilitating professional development once I was able to wrangle my nervous energy and RELAX.

However, I made the decision near the end of this school year to return to the classroom after many reflective moments alone with myself. I'd been feeling a tugging at my heart all year long to once again be in direct contact with students. There were definitely certain things that would make me feel this tugging more than others. Each and every time that I'd leave an education conference, I'd leave so pumped up and excited to not only share what I'd learned, but longing to put that new knowledge in action with real kids, in real time--DAILY!

"Teachers get to have all the fun."

There are many things that I'd grown to like about coaching and working with teachers, but none of these things compared to love I have for being in the classroom and building relationships with students and watching them BECOME. Become smarter, braver, bolder, and more creative with their thinking. "Truly wonderful the mind of a child is." So much happens over the course of a school year and I missed having that front row seat.

So as many teachers are winding down and getting ready for summer, I am mentally preparing for Fall. I am returning to fourth grade. Teaching three sections of Reading and facilitating Writer's Workshop with my homeroom students. I am excited. Excited really doesn't give what I'm feeling justice at all. This will be good...for all involved.

"May the force be with us."
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