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Confessions of a Former Literacy Coach (Part 2)

How is it that it’s December already? It’s hard to believe that I’ve spent the last three months as a classroom teacher once again. I’d missed the buzz and magic that comes along with everyday classroom teaching. I live for it.

I look forward to whatever is going to happen in our classroom every day. It’s been fantastic. I must confess that on some days, I miss the flexibility of taking lunch and bathroom breaks when I choose, but I also appreciate the consistency and feeling of home.

Somehow what I’d forgotten about was all the other stuff and how much time all of that other stuff requires to be done well--the lesson planning, small groups, individual instruction, behavior plans, anecdotal records, observations, field trips, class celebrations, etc.

Somehow I forgot how your heart gets all tangled up with their individual stories and personalities, and you find yourself talking about them like an extended family. Forgot how you worry if they’re ok and if there’s anything else you could’ve done or can do.

As I embark on this final week of Winter Break, I find myself torn between resting and preparing. I am expecting two new 4th graders when I return. I’ve been analyzing data and trying to figure out my next moves. As a literacy coach, yes, I was concerned, and yes, I analyzed and prepared—it’s oh so different in this seat, though. Some look at the students I teach and say they’re much easier to teach than others. In some ways, yes. I am troubled by the “achievement gap,” and I’ve made it a personal goal to do something about it. How can I continue to raise the bar and boost all of my students toward greater independence and personal success in the time I’ve been given? I will never have it all figured out, but each day I intend to get a little bit closer.

Here's to resting well and reaching higher.

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